KINHANK A7 MINI Wireless Apple Carplay Adapter

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Connect to Apple CarPlay cord-free with the Kinhank A7 Mini Wireless CarPlay Adaptor.


Simply plug the Wireless CarPlay Adaptor into your car’s USB port using the supplied cable, pair your iPhone, and go.


Once paired, your iPhone will automatically connect CarPlay to your vehicle’s infotainment system when you turn your car on. Play your music, map your route, or safely use phone and text functionality on Apple CarPlay without the need to fumble with cables.


Pair multiple iPhones 6/7/8 and above with the Wireless CarPlay Adaptor. The A7 Mini Wireless CarPlay Adaptor will automatically connect to the last paired Phone. This can be easily changed in your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings or selecting Manual Connection in your Apple CarPlay.

Please note: Quad Lock Wireless CarPlay Adaptor is only compatible with iPhones and vehicles/head units equipped with wired Apple CarPlay Not compatible with Android phones

How to use the Kinhank A7 wireless carplay adapter:

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Product reviews

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Barnett

Ive been looking for car play adapter and I finally found the one! Its extremely easy to install, simple and fast. Also, I didnt have any trouble connecting it to my car play, it connected super well and also there were no delay during use. I highly recommend this product for who is trying to find something like this

Patricio Flores

This is a great product that connects to my car and phone easily. This makes using all of CarPlay's features much easier. One of the best products out there. It stays connected constantly and is currently the best product for my car. It connects quickly and every time I get in the car it's already connected for me.

Sean Tracey

This CarPlay adapter works great for me. It connected easily the first time and now it automatically connects when I get in the car. It works perfectly. I have not had any problems since purchasing this wireless adapter. I am very happy with the product and highly recommend.

Elena G.

Wireless CarPlay is awesome. Every time I had to connect the usb with phone to play it. Annoying. Dont have to worry anymore! Worth the money. Perfect size.

Daniel Ramirez

1. The product is simple to install and easy to use. Easy to set up.
2. The product connects well and fast with my carplay.
3. No delay during use
4. Perfect for every day use

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